Cartography & GIS

Cartography & GIS focusses on the techniques for analysing geographical data and for visualizing these on maps.

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Landscape is both a physical reality and the representation we make of it. It constitutes a set of natural and anthropological elements and evokes feelings and emotions. The European Landscape Convention emphasizes that when taking measures to protect, manage and plan landscapes, all dimensions must be considered.

With this in mind, GEOLAND - an Erasmus+ KA2 Higher Education project - focused on NATURA 2000 sites with the aim of creating a learning path for students and professors in landscape monitoring and protection, using digital tools such as GIS and participatory techniques.

The project was rated final by Europe with a score of 96%.

Research themes

Cartography & GIS focusses on geographical information, as this underpins both the domain of cartography and geographical information science.

A broad multidisciplinarity (computer sciences, archaeology, cognition, sport sciences) characterizes the conducted projects.

Important in the research is the use of modern methodologies (e.g. eye tracking, WiFi tracking, UAVs, etc.) and development of innovative technologies (e.g. navigation apps, 3D webGIS, etc.).

transport, accessiblity and GIS
cartography and map use
historical cartography
4D GIS for archaeology
flood risks
indoor wayfinding
moving objects
GIS in education

Prof. dr. Nico Van de Weghe

GIS spatiotemporal analysis spatiotemporal modelling visual analytics geographical information systems geographical information science moving objects . . .

Prof. dr. Haosheng Huang

location based services mobility analytics apatial cognition mobile HCI urban informatics geospatial AI (GeoAI)

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