Climate & Earth

Focus on human-environment interactions in the context of a changing environment and climate.

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On Tuesday, 28 May 2024, Anik Juli Dwi Astuti successfully defended her PhD: "Connectivity Perspectives on Water and Sediment Flows in the Gumara and Rib Catchments (Ethiopia).”

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Amaury Frankl (Ghent University), Prof. dr. Jan Nyssen, (Ghent University)

Examination Committee: Prof. dr. Haosheng Huang (Ghent University) (Chair),Dr. ir. Stefaan Dondeyne (Ghent University and Vrije Universiteit Brussel),Prof. dr. Kristine Walraevens (Ghent University), Prof. dr. Ann Van Griensven (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Dr. Tesfaalem Ghebreyohannes, (Mekelle University, Ethiopia).

Research themes

The research group Climate & Earth (CLEAR) focuses on the impact of human activities on soil-land-atmosphere interactions. A first research pillar comprises geomorphological processes and specifically the influence of land use and climate on land degradation and soil conservation. A second research pillar concentrates on atmospheric science and addresses the impact of soil and land use change on local and regional climate.

The research group investigates fundamental processes related to geomorphology and atmospheric science as well as impacts on society and ecosystems. To do so, advanced and state-of-the-art methods, including erosion and climate modelling, photogrammetry, sediment fingerprinting and data science is used.

runoff and sediment yield
hydrogeomorphic modelling
land management

Prof. dr. Amaury Frankl

erosion hydrology geomorphology climate change

Prof. dr. Kwinten Van Weverberg

climate modelling climate extreme precipitation

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